Free blackberry spy software – How to monitor a Blackberry phone for free?

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The best things in life are free is a common saying and it hold true to software trial offers. Free Blackberry spy software is available in the form of a test drive. If you like it then you can purchase it and if you don’t then you can move onto a different spy app which you think can give you the reliability and also the functionality you need. Since there is no commitment to purchase on your end that means that if you discover the information which you seek within the specify time limit then you can basically solve your problems free of charge. However if you haven’t gotten exactly what you need up to the time of the free trial expiration date you can always pay and get the additional time required to discover what is really going on with your situation.

What free Blackberry spy software is out there?

Currently there is only one Blackberry spy app which will allow you to test drive it before you buy it and that is Mobile spy. Unlike other software packages sold out there you will be able to use all the features of that application in its trial version. Therefore there is no teaser or anything, what you try is exactly what you will get when you buy it. The features included with Mobile spy are:

  • bbm spying
  • Pin message logging
  • Yahoo messenger chat monitoring
  • msn messenger chat logging
  • GTalk logging
  • AOL messenger monitoring
  • Blackberry gps tracking
  • Sms spying
  • Call logging
  • Photo logging
  • Video capturing
  • Contact List
  • Email capturing
  • Calender and event recording

As you may realize this is quite a bit of features offered by this system and it is definitely enough to help you discover what is going on with the person in question. However there are additional attributes which makes this free Blackberry spy appealing. For example Mobile spy can monitor virtually any cell phone and this includes iphone, Symbian, Android, Blackberry Windows mobile. Therefore if the person was to change the phone for any reason you will be almost certain that this software will be compatible with it.

Also, this Blackberry spy app allows you to monitor three separate phones so for those who have a family or company and would like to monitor more than one phone this will be definitely for you. Finally the icing on the cake about  Mobilespy is that it gives you Sniperspy for free if you purchase the one year subscription. Sniperspy is a computer spy application which allows you to see passwords, messenger chat, programs used etc unknown to the user of the pc. Therefore you can keep an eye on the both person’s Blackberry mobile phone and computer. That is good value for your money.

How to get started with the trial offer?

If you would like to get access to Mobile spy Blackberry free trial offer then . If after the period you decide to keep it then it will cost you between $49.99 and $99.99 USD depending on the subscription chosen.