Blackberry tracking software – How to track a Blackberry without the phone owner knowing

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track blackberryIf you need to track someone’s Blackberry location or movements it is quite simple if you have Blackberry tracking software in your possession. Common reasons for people to use this software are, to discover whether their spouse is cheating, teenager is going somewhere he or she is not suppose to or maybe as an employer you are suspicious that an employee is going off route when working. If you can pinpoint that person’s location or movements within a couple of feet then it will confirm whether your suspicions are really warranted. The advantage of using Blackberry tracking software rather that other gps tracking devices is that it is almost guaranteed that the person will be carrying their phone.

Devices which are planted in the car will only give you info when they are actually using the vehicle. Therefore in instances where the vehicle is broken down or the person decide to walk or get a ride with someone to another location you will not know. In these case you will be thinking they are at place A when in fact the person is at place B. This is why a Blackberry tracker app are so possible because 99% of the time they will not leave their cell phone behind.

How does tracking software works on the Blackberry?

The only criterion for this app to function is that the phone in question must have a functioning gps chip. This chip is used to capture the global coordinates of the phone and by using websites such as google maps you can actually zoom in on your location. The only difference is that the software used to track a Blackberry phone will record these coordinates secretly and send them to you. You just need to install the program on the particular mobile and this will only take a few minutes. When you are ready to view the mobile’s movements you will then have to log on to your account (which is on the apps website) and everything will be displayed for you. You will also be able to sort and filter by dates and times to narrow down on a particular event.

Take a look below at a screen shot of what is typically displayed during your Blackberry surveillance. Take note of the maker to indicate the location of the cellular and the streets and buildings are well labeled so you will know exactly where the person is located.

phone gps location

Where can I get Blackberry tracking software?

If you are looking for a neat affordable program to do some Blackberry tracking then Mobistealth is your best bet. Its price range from between $39 to $149 USD and that is determined by the subscription and additional features. Basically you will have the ability to intercept bbm, text messages, calls made and received etc. It is up to you to determine how much more you would like to know about the phone user. If anything, you can keep it simple and you will not pay much. For additional information about Mobistealth you can